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CHRIS WILLIAMS SCULPTURE specializes in custom made, one of a kind, bronze sculptures and "in home architectural pieces of art". There are many things to consider when choosing a piece of sculpture. There are also many ways to include artwork in the home or draw attention to a business. Together, exploring ideas for college mascot statues, public art projects, airport displays, and creative hospitality solutions, we have much to offer. Even if you’re in the early stages of designing your home or landscape, let us show you some of the ways to bring your personal style to life.

Feel free to browse through this site and above all, TAKE YOUR TIME. Deciding what to do will come from understanding how to reach the goal together. My studio works with metals, glass and stone. If you don't see what you are looking for or just have a question, I'm here to help. Whether it be wine cellar dragons, garden statuary, in home furnishings or custom railings, I've done a lot of projects over the years and I can help with yours.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope you enjoy it.



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My consultations often begin with an understanding of each other. It's a big step to ask for help with an art project and I consider it an honor. Asking questions and learning about the people I work with helps me to understand what excites them and what resonates with them.  THE MORE CUSTOMERS SEE WHAT THIS STUDIO DOES, THE MORE EXCITING IT GETS. Customers can choose to become involved in the very early stages of their personally commissioned work of art. Designing the project together can be a wonderful experience. All of my pieces are individually hand made.  Share in the development of your sculpture and enjoy what being creative is all about.


Garden sphere Chris Williams sculpture

Often it starts with a place. A special view from the kitchen window. A distant rise in the landscape or new developments to a school with a fresh outlook. DECIDING ON THE PIECE AND THE STYLE IS DONE TOGETHER. There are factors to consider where experience is extremely helpful. Access to the site, distance from the best seat in the house, and installation requirements are all part of the process. Details can be lost from a distance. For example if we were doing a grizzly bear or a dragon as an entry piece along a long driveway, it would be important to show some good details because you would be viewing the piece from a relatively short distance.  If the piece was designed to be viewed from a far distance, the details would not need to be as important because you can't see them from far away.  

Steel pieces have a beautiful orange-red rust patina whereas bronze pieces left to weather will turn to a blue/green patina or can be sealed to maintain their original, raw bronze color. It's a personal preference. After deciding on details and material choices, a cost for the piece is established.


Whale party Chris Williams Sculpture, whale heads, marine sculpture

Many times people have celebrated the arrival of their new sculpture like a new baby. These pieces become members of your family. The excitement is contagious. I have art collectors coming to the studio to see the development of their sculpture as it comes to life. There’s definitely a bonding experience that happens early on and as you move forward, you'll find that MY WORK PROVOKES CONVERSATION AND ENGAGEMENT. The energy that comes to life around my work is the unexpected bonus that my clients enjoy.