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Inspired by the floating mountains of Pandora, this fountain seems to be suspended in air. Working out the landscape and water direction is super fun. I'm going to keep exploring ways to do these. Something different for sure. See more at www.chriswilliamssculpture.com


Here's something unique - a floating fountain sculpture. Someone approached me asking if I'd ever made a fountain. That's something new for me. I was thinking about ways to make it different. Always trying to find the new.  I remembered the waterfalls that seemed to pour off the floating mountains of Pandora (from the movie Avatar). I love the environment in that movie.  So when creating a water feature, I decided that those floating mountains would be my inspiration.

Using a granite base, I used the organic tree type structure to mold to the stone. And from there, created the mountain land mass. Holding it up by hammered rods. This gave it the floating feel I was looking for. Once the basin was made, I made the interior island for the water to pour over. When the center was complete, I added trees. And then added the tree below the waterline. That lower tree made the piece seem to float. It really does feel like one of those floating mountains from Avatar.  Cool! Weird, but cool!

*Price ranges on size of piece.  Please contact the studio for availability details.


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