April the Giraffe.jpg



Our "Baby" Giraffe was born at 600 lbs.! 

This young lady has a people personality.  She tilts her head slightly to the left and stands at 10’ tall.  Her spotted pattern is created from steel plates that are cut and formed by hand.  Her spots were created one piece at a time ensuring her own individual spot print.  Let her greet you with her long eyelashes each day and set a peaceful tone to your property.

Our studio creates many large commissioned pieces through the year but we always try to find the time to create one or two just for fun.  We are pleased to offer this tall beauty and we expect she'll find her place in the world soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the studio.  We enjoy talking with art lovers.


ITEM: 902 36”W x 120”H - Weight 600lbs