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GIRAFFE Sculpture

Our "Baby" Giraffe Sculpture

We are pleased to offer this stunning life-size Giraffe statue made of weathered steel. Created on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, this Giraffe sculpture stands 12’ tall. Turn your yard into bush country with the elegant accent piece. Imagine your guests' surprise when they step out onto your back patio to find something really unique.

Buying a life-size Giraffe seems daunting but it’s really a fun experience and brings years of conversation. We ship these pieces and often help with installation. Choosing a location for a large outdoor sculpture is often done through creative Photoshop tricks. Just send us a photo of your special place and we can show you what this piece would look like installed. We often suggest grasses and other vegetation to give your sculpture a home. If you feel a connection to the African bush, we get it! Let this baby giraffe keep your imagination alive. We can help you get it done.

Our studio creates many large commissioned pieces through the year but we always try to find the time to create one or two just for fun.  We are pleased to offer this tall beauty and we expect she'll find her place in the world soon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the studio.  We enjoy talking with art lovers.


ITEM: 902 36”W x 120”H - Weight 600lbs