The Pursuit of Excellence

A sneak peek inside my world of sculpting. I have listed a few projects and will continue to post new work as it comes. Please take a moment to see the creations in their early steps. It's fascinating work and I hope you enjoy seeing how it all comes to be. 

2014 - Eagle commissioned for a home in New England.  The eagle is made of bronze shards all forged and hammered using black smithing techniques. These eagles are familiar birds of prey on the waterways of sub-Saharan Africa. This eagle has a wing span of 8' and is perched on a 10' bronze tree looking for its next prey. I'm looking forward to finishing my second eagle, I hope you enjoy seeing the process.

2013 - This bronze Dragon lives in a small courtyard on Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Commissioned by a true dragon lover, this piece greets her guests as they come to visit. A small excavator was needed to install this piece, first came the granite base, then came the dragon perched on top.

2018 - The Fire Breather...The fascination with dragons continues.  I’m drawn to their free spirit, aggressive mischief and prehistoric looks. When I was ready to create this beast, there were three goals in mind: to capture a moment of proud strength, to show agility and balance, and to give him the dragon's breath he deserves.  With his wings spread, this dragon breathes fire.  A propane-fueled blaze shoots from his mouth with the touch of a wireless button.  Piece made of bronze, copper and steel.  Standing 14’ tall and 9’ wide he makes a huge statement.  This dragon resides as a driveway entry piece on a private estate.  Motion sensor activated, he greets the visitors as they enter the property.  My imagination ran wild with this one and It never gets old.

2014 - Greyhound in stainless steel commissioned by a Tennessean man and donated to the Tunica Humane Society in Mississippi.  The Greyhound is hammered and formed into shape. Play pose and full of beans this greyhound captures life. Done in an abstract way, the muscles are still tight and he appears to be ready to jump. This is the third greyhound that will be completed.  I think they all have a way about them. Great dogs!


2016 - This piece was born from the positive energy that flowed through Robin Silverman. A creative community person who lived in Ipswich, Massachusetts and inspired many.  After her passing, her husband was compelled to give something to the community. It was something he just wanted to do. Hopefully to inspire future generations to feel good and continue to share their gifts with each other. Robin was a giver. Rick is “paying it forward”.  We thought that High Spirits would be a fitting title for something holding court from the top of that hill. Something that feels uplifting and connected somehow.

The 14' tree is made in shards of bronze metal to create the bark texture.  The birds in contrast, are in abstract form. This piece stands 14' high and about 12' wide. I'm sure as the bronze ages and becomes that blue/green patina color, this piece will feel as if it had been there all along. Nice to have work in Ipswich, near our studio. Having sent pieces all over, this is one I can visit. Maybe I'll see you there!