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One of our favorites!!  We are pleased to offer  "The Magic dragon."

Created in bronze this majestic beast is a unique custom piece for any estate.  Beginning from a large piece of Cape Ann granite, this one-of-a-kind formed and fabricated bronze dragon statue perched high on a branch stands proud at 7' tall. He holds tight to his branch with his long talons. This dragon with his tail curling about the tree looks over with a curiosity in his eye. The slight tilt of his head brings life to the serpentine giant.

I use the bronze rods to draw the shape and make all the special details by forming and welding each individual part.  This allows me to really focus on details before they are added to the final sculpture.  Dragons allow me to spread my own creative wings.

We hope to release this magical creature on its journey home. Please let us know if you need any additional information. We are always eager to talk with other dragon lovers.


ITEM: 901 60”L x 51”W x 102”H - Weight 500lbs