Chris Williams


We can all agree there are many pieces of art in the world. Good or bad, these pieces create a response. I believe great pieces of art capture audiences by making them feel something instantly.

The Chicago bean for instance. People gather around it, marveling at its scale and design. While simplistic in its concept, the draw is its marvel of creation. The way it reflects back at you when close. This kind of magic is not often captured in today’s art. We rarely take additional time to gather and reflect about a piece of art. We might pause for a moment, then go back to our busy lives. Great art draws us in. It slows us down. It feeds our souls.

My mission is to draw you in, to discover new ways to blend materials, to execute the impossible, to tell a story of fabrication, collaboration, patience and discovery. Revealing layers of challenges.
The reward is capturing a moment in time. Mine and yours.

— Chris Williams