Wharf Rat sculpture for a waterfront home in Rockport, Ma. The story for this one is they have a bunch of friends who tie up their boats along the wharf right in front of their home. They all hang out on the boats and have cocktails. Sounds good right? So they call themselves the Wharf Rats!

When it was time to remodel the home, they wanted a weathervane on top with a big rat theme. Well, after discussing the proper size of a rat clinging to a weathervane, and going back and forth with them about "Make the rat bigger!" "What about the weathervane?" "Make the rat bigger!!" I finally said, why don't we just skip the weathervane and just go for the rat? Three cheers could be heard from Rockport that day. So here it is. The biggest bronze wharf rat that I think ever lived on the waterfront. Perched on top of the cupola, this wharf rat keeps watch over the water ways on Cape Ann.