2009 - Latitude 43 Restaurant in Gloucester, Ma. The Octopus was commissioned to go above a sushi pit in an oceanfront restaurant. The piece is made of stainless steel and blown glass. This was my first blown glass and metal combination. The architecht suggested I work with the guys at MIT in Boston to create a free flowing piece with glass and metal. It was a stretch to learn the process of combining the two mediums but it has led to many projects with glass and it's been awesome. I did many cool pieces for the interior of Lat 43; fireplace screen, bonsai tree railing and ticket holders. The fireplace screen was to look like one of Gloucester's fishing nets.

Johnathan Poore of Poore & Company in Gloucester had the idea and together we came up with a wonderful piece. The sushi pit is located in the middle of the restaurant and the guests walk around this piece to be seated. It has become a signature at Lat 43 in Gloucester.